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INTRODUCTION Objective:- Dedicated to engaging a global community of health professionals and health seekers in innovative education, training, leadership, inter-professional collaboration, research, and advocacy that embraces all global healing traditions, to promote the creation of health and the delivery of evidence-informed comprehensive, affordable, sustainable person-centered care in a cancer patients. Integrative approach: Integrative approach focuses on the whole person and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and profession to achieve optimal health and healing. Role of Ayurveda and other AYUSH systems of medicine in prevention and management of different types of cancer It is well evidenced that the practitioners of Ayurveda and other Ayush systems of medicine are practicing and claiming for the prevention and management of different types of cancer conditions in different parts of the country. Prime importance is given for prevention rather than management in case of cancer and the same is stressed in the Ayush systems of medicine. Hence more attention will be given to prevent the cancer by inculcating the method of life style advised in detail in the systems (Sadvritta and Achara Rasayana). In the management aspect, starting with adjuvant therapy to combat the complications arising out of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be admitted, as there are many evidences of combating the complications arising out of conventional treatment significantly. Later renowned and successful practitioners in the field of cancer will be brought to one platform using social media and the appropriate screened treatment strategies including Rasayana therapies, Panchakarma etc. will be discussed and adopted for the future research work.   Role in palliative care To ensure quick restoration of optimal function, early and continued aggressive rehabilitation interventions should be provided, including physical and occupational therapy. Application of rehabilitation techniques (Panchakarma and other) frequently results in a swift functional improvement and a reduction of subjective complaints, even when the prognosis for life is considered poor. These interventions, when offered in an integrated and timely fashion, prolong life, protect organs and residual healthy tissue, reduce pain, and maximize self care and mobility skills, and thereby help to reduce the stigma of cancer and physical impairment while providing dignity and a better quality of life for the cancer patient. Mandate of the centre shall be the following:
  • Fellowship course for post-doctoral and post graduate scholars to enhance the research in cancer care
  • Networking of research institutions
    • The portal where all the countrywide institutions/practitioners will admin their experiences and treatment strategies. The pooled information will be screened by the expertise in the field and will be preceded further for the research work.
  • Developing research projects
    • Based on the clinical experiences and evidences which are screened, discussed and finalized by the peer team will be taken for the research project
  • Training / Human resource development for cancer screening and research
    • Training for concerned persons regarding the screeing, couselling etc will be given by the expertise persons in the field. The required human resource development will be done especially for screeing of cancer patients and research activities.
  • To come out with high quality research publications
    • The outcomes of the research works will be reviewed by the peer members and will be published in high quality research journals.
  • Launching of Journal of Integrative Oncology (JIO)
  • Identifying the center of excellence for cancer research
  • Organize international conferences on cancer care in AYUSH system of medicine

Last update on: 7th Aug 2021