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As the admission of the scholars for MD and Ph.D is done, the Research work of the scholars will be initiated from the Academic year 2021. The faculty Research projects are as under:

Name of Project with Title Status Name of PI and CO- PI Funding Institute /Agency 
Prakriti validation Completed   Dr Meera K Bhojani CCRAS
Clinical Trial on COVID 19 – collaborative project of AIIA-IGIB Ongoing Dr Meera K Bhojani (Co Principal investigator) Ministry of AYUSH
Observational study of Bala Vriddhikara Bhava (factors responsible for host immunity) in covid-19 subjects Ongoing Dr Meera K Bhojani (Principal investigator) AIIA
Management of metabolic syndrome through Ayurvedic intervention and lifestyle modifications Under process Dr Shekhar G Uike (Co- Principal Investigator) Ministry of AYUSH, PHI  project

Last update on: 6th May 2021