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Completed Ongoing
A Prospective, Randomized, Open label Three-Armed Clinical study to assess the role of Vasa Ghana (whole Aqueous extract of Adhatoda vasica), Guduchi Ghana (whole Aqueous extract of Tinospora cordifolia) and Vasa-Guduchi Ghana (whole Aqueous extract of Adhatoda vasica &Tinospora cordifolia combined) in management of symptoms and preventing the progression of severity of the disease in SARS-CoV2 tested positive asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 cases   IEC approval received vide letter No. IEC-AIIA/2020-P/49 Dt. 25.08.2020   CTRI No.   CTRI/2020/09/028043   Ongoing (Principal Investigator) Prof. Tanuja Manoj Nesari Dr. Bhavana Prasher (Co- Principal Investigator) Dr. Meera Bhojani   Ministry of Ayush, GOI, New Delhi
Management of metabolic syndrome through Ayurvedic intervention and lifestyle modifications   Under process Dr Shekhar G Uike (Co- Principal Investigator) Ministry of AYUSH, PHI project
Study of Applied aspect of Rakta Sara & its assessment parameters IEC approval received vide letter No. IEC-AIIA/2021-P/200, dt. 17.01.2022   CTRI No CTRI/2022/03/041054     Ongoing PI: Dr. Meera K. Bhojani Co-PI: Dr. Shekhar G. Uike AIIA through IMR funds
A Descriptive Study to develop a tool for the clinical evaluation of Sara Pariksha IEC approval received vide letter No. IEC-AIIA/2021-P/201, dt. 17.01.2022   CTRI No CTRI/2022/03/040789   Ongoing PI: Dr. Meera K. Bhojani Co-PI: Dr. Mahesh Vyas, Dr. Anilkumar, Dr. Arunlal AIIA through IMR funds
Integrative fundamental research on seasonal variations of Vata Guna patterns, levels and identification of untargeted protein panels, levels on the basis of Proteomics where Vata Prakriti is a predominant finding- An exploratory study. CTRI- Yet to obtain   In process PI- Prof.Dr. Kalpana D. Sathe.   Co- PI- Dr. Shekhar Uike     AIIA
  Study of applied aspect of Rakta sara & it’s assessment
  In process Dr Meera K Bhojani (PI) Dr Shekhar G Uike (Co- PI) AIIA

Last update on: 10th Nov 2022