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Name of Project with Title Status Name of PI and CO- PI Funding Institute /Agency 
Completed Ongoing
Community based Ayurveda Intervention for Promotion of physical and mental health in elderly population of Faridabad district, Haryana State Ongoing PI: Prof. Tanuja Nesari Co-PIs: Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr. Pramod Yadav, Dr. Shalini Rai, Dr. Rahul Sherkhane Dr. Bhargav Bhide
Development of Pectin Based Biocomposites of Herb Gojihva  (Launea Nudicaulis Linn.) for Wound Dressing & its Clinical Evaluation on Chronic Wounds: An Exploratory Study (IIT-D) Ongoing PI: Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta   Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr. Rahul Sherkhane,   Co-PIs: Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhya Dr. Pramod Yadav, Dr. Shalini Rai   IIT Delhi
A study to evaluate the Anti-bacterial Effects of some Ayurvedic herbs and Herbo mineral preparations Ongoing PI: Dr. Shalini Rai Co-PIs: Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr. Pramod Yadav, Dr. Richa Tripathi AIIA, New Delhi
Evaluation of prophylactic effect of Ayurveda Interventions in the prevention of COVID -19 Infections in susceptible general population: A single arm clinical exploratory Study Ongoing PI: Dr. S K. Mandol Co-PIs: Dr. Shalini Rai Prof. Anand B. More Chief Coordinator- Prof. Tanuja M. Nesari AIIA, New Delhi
A Prospective, Randomized, Open label Three Armed Clinical study to assess the role of Vasa Ghana, Guduchi Ghana and Vasa-Guduchi Ghana in management of symptoms and preventing the progression of severity of the disease in SARS-CoV2 tested positive asymptomatic and  mild COVID-19 cas Ongoing PI: Prof. Tanuja M. Nesari Co-PIs: Dr. Meera K. Bhojani Dr. Shalini Rai Dr. Richa Tripathi Others..       IGIB
A study of Ashwagandha administration in participants vaccinated against COVID-19 on safety, immunogenicity, and protection: A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, multi- centric clinical trial Ongoing PI: Prof. Tanuja M. Nesari Co-PIs: Dr. Anand More Dr. Rajagopala S Dr. Shalini Rai Dr. Sandeep Singh Tiwari SRF Dr. Bhuvnesh CCRAS
Ashwagandha for the prophylaxis against SARS-cov-2 infection: a randomized hydroxychloroquine controlled clinical trial in health care providers (study code: Ayush-csir-hcp-01) Completed PI – Prof. Anand B More Co-Pi-dr. Divya kajaria, Dr. Raju Singh, Dr. Sarita kumari Ministry of Ayush and CSIR
National Campaign on Amruta for Life (Tinospora Cordifolia) Completed   PI: Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal Co-PIs: Dr. Pramod Yadav, Dr. Shalini Rai, Dr. Rahul Sherkhane, Dr. Arun Kumar Mahapatra

Last update on: 22nd Aug 2022