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  Completed Ongoing    
Development of Standard protocol for quality assessment of Raw Medicinal plants on the basis of Rasa Completed   PI: Prof. Tanuja Nesari


Prof. (Dr.) Mita Kotecha

Co-PI:  Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal and Dr. Sudipth Rath

National Medicinal Plants Board,


Ministryof AYUSH

Establishment of Regional Raw Drug Repository for Trans Ganga Plain   Ongoing PI: Prof. Tanuja Nesari


Co-PIs:  Dr. Galib, Dr. Meena Deogade, Dr. Pramod R Yadav, Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr. Bhargav Bhide

National Medicinal Plants Board,


Ministry of AYUSH

National Campaign On Amrita For Life (Tinospora Cordifolia) Sanctioned Sanctioned PI: Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal


Co-PIs: Dr. Pramod R Yadav, Dr. Shalini Rai, Dr. Rahul Sherkhane, Dr. Mahapatra Arun Kumar

National Medicinal Plants Board,


Ministry of AYUSH

Regional Raw Drug Repository (RRDR)

AIIA (AIIA) is in process to develop Regional Raw Drug Repository (RRDR) of Trans Ganga Plain Region. RRDR will provide Quality Control and Analytical Testing Facilities Equipped with modern analytical tools. RRDR was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge), Ministry of AYUSH & Defence; in presence of Padmashri Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, Dr. JLN Shastry, CEO, National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) and convened by Prof. Tanuja Manoj Nesari, Director, AIIA and Principle Investigator of RRDR project.

The present RRDR will include the plants of Trans Ganga plain region which includes Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh. The establishment of RRDR will have the state of the art ‘Regional Raw Drug Repository (RRDR)’ which will house natural resources used in the Indian System of Medicine, in the form of herbarium and raw drug samples of plant, minerals and animal origin.

Thus the RRDR at AIIA will be highly successful as a self-sustainable institutional body as it will provide services to the collector of the raw drug to end users as below.

The RRDR will develop following facilities:

  1. Herbarium-digital herbarium
  2. Raw Drug Repository of Plant, Mineral, Metals & Animal products (RDR)
  3. Reference extracts Samples of raw drugs for validation
  4. Development of Profile for identification of Raw drugs

Till date 45 raw drugs are collected for herbarium out of which 25 samples for wet preservation and 20 samples for dry preservation are completed.  The photo data of 32 drugs is completed. The setup for laboratories i.e. phytochemical, Pharmacognosy, microbiology and taxonomy is ongoing. 2 training programmes for the skill development of the project staff are also conducted.  The staff has also attended the orientation cum hands on training programme organized by CARI-NRDR Jhansi

Inauguration of RRDR, Visit by CEO NMPB to RRDR , Hands on training programme attended at CARI-NRDR, Jhansi

Last update on: 6th May 2021