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Introduction :

Department of Dravyaguna is working in the field of academics and research for understanding   of classical principles of Dravyaguna & scientific validation of classical wealth of Dravyaguna. The department is continuously nurturing the students by imparting quality education at PG level by blending the knowledge of interdisciplinary understandings with practical demostration.

Departmental Vision:

  • To strengthen Ayurveda on scientific grounds through studies conducted on Ayurvedic concepts using Scientific technology.
  • To teach and train students to build their competence
  • Collaborative research projects with institutions of national repute
  • Developing Departmental teaching and training lab infrastructure
  • To facilitate patient care in the hospital by conducting laboratory tests ensuring the highest standards of quality.
  • To teach and provide teaching facilities to the scholars by which they can understand classical and contemporary areas relevant Dravyaguna in a better way.
  • Establish infrastructure for the testing facility: to provide Quality Control and Analytical Testing Facilities equipped with modern analytical tools
  • Development of digital herbarium
  • Development of Crude drug repository
  • To develop medicinal plant garden
  • To provide training facility to various stakeholders (students,
  • researchers & Gardner’s)
  • To enrich the practical knowledge of plant identification by educational

visits to various areas.

Last update on: 7th Feb 2019