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Publications in Journals:

  • Monika, Mahapatra Arun kumar, Rajagopala S ‘Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) related to Pandu Roga (Iron Deficiency Anaemia) among Adolescent Girls Attending Ayurveda Tertiary Care Hospital and Nearby Schools – A Survey., Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences, v. 4, n. 4, p. 154 – 159, sep. 2019. [ISSN 2456-3110]
  • Seema Gupta, Mahapatra Arun kumar, Rajagopala S, Avascular Necrosis (associated with Sickle Cell Anaemia and ß Thalassemia minor) Management through Ayurveda – A Case Report. J of AYUSH Case Reports July-Sept 2019; 3(3), p224-232. [ISSN 2457-0443]
  • Masooda, Mahapatra Arunkumar, Rajagopala S, Ayurveda treatment protocol for the management of Ek-Kushtha (Psoriasis)- A Single Case Report., A Case Report. J of AYUSH Case Reports, 2020 January 3; 3(4), p290-297. [ISSN 2457-0443]
  • Sonam, Mahapatra Arunkumar, Rajagopala S, Clinical Response of Abhaya Ghrita and Procedure Based Therapy on Gross Motor Functions in children with Cerebral Palsy : An Open Label, Randomized Clinical Trial, Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences 4, n. 4, p. 100 – 107, Sept. 2019. [ISSN 2456-3110].

Publications in Souvenirs/Proceedings/Media etc.:

  • Seema Gupta, Mahapatra Arunkumar, Rajagopala S, Abhyanga in neonates and children – a review, “Karma Siddhi – 2020”, Proceedings of Internatinal Congress on Bio-purificatoin therapy, Ethno-medicineand Food diversity in Panchakarma Practice, SDM Collect of Ayurvedaa, Udupi, Karnataka, 14-15 Feb., 2020

Books / Chapters / Special issues if any

  1. Mahapatra Arun Kumar Authored Comic book “Hum sath sath hain” for creating Awareness among children regarding dengue fever. Published by All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi
  2. Mahapatra Arun Kumar Co-Author, Hepatoprotective herbs from Ayurveda (An Evidence based review), Published by All India Ayurvedic specialist (PG) Association, New Delhi (Sept 2019)

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