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Besides the traditional services of Borrowing and Renewing of Library resources for readers possessing a library membership card, the following are the Library outreach services:
  1. Reference Services: The Learning Resource Centre/Central Library of All India Institute of Ayurveda, takes into account the need and values of its users while providing reference services and research assistance to its students, faculty and staff of AIIA. The function of library is three-fold viz. To acquire information, organize the information in a way it can be retrieved, and disseminate the information the library has acquired. Reference services fulfils the last function. The library professionals are perceiving the core values and functions of the reference services; presently being provided through internet, e-mail, resource-sharing and so on. And an information or Reference desk is functioning where assistance from the librarian is available.
  2. Current Awareness Services: In order to keep faculty, scholars, researchers, and health care practitioners informed, the latest information of their interest is being done through internet services/ notice boards by way of providing:
    1. List of journals received in the library.
    2. Recent additions of Books.
    3. Newspaper Clippings, news of interest.
  3. Internet/Wi-Fi Services: The Institute library offers free internet browsing and wireless access in the premises of library. The library has over 10 Desktop computers located in the Digital section of the Library for internet surfing for its valued users.
  4. Selective Dissemination of Information: The library provides Selective Information service which refers to tools and resources used to keep a user informed of new resources on specified topics.
  5. Inter Library Loan/Document Delivery Services: The institute library is in process of taking membership of DELNET (Delhi Library Network), British Library, NML (National Medical Library) etc. so that documents can be taken on loan or delivered from those libraries of which membership has been taken and Inter Library facilities can be provided.
  6. Usage of other Research Related Software and Orientation: The Institute Central Library is in process of installing various software like Turnitin for Plagiarism, SPS software for statistics etc. After the installation of these software, orientation regarding its usage will be provided to the users. Also orientation for check-in/check-out details, building of search strategy, how to use the Online Medical Journal/Books Databases like PUBMED etc is provided to the new comers who join the institute as residents, research scholars and students.
  7. Reprographic & Scanning Services: Value added services like Photocopying Service of materials available in the library is provided for educational/ research purpose only to the staff, scholars and students of the Institute; scanner services are available in the library to facilitate colour images for presentation purposes and other academic activities.
  8. Library Orientation Services: Soon the institute library will initiate programmes to provide s the user orientation programmes for new admissions to scholars of various MD/MS/Ph.D disciplines  in research methodology programme as, “ How to Use: ICT Based Library Services”
  9. Institutional Membership: The library is in process of getting membership of DELNET (Delhi Library Network), British Library and NML (National Medical Library), Delhi.
  10. A Learning Resource Centre: The Institute Library plays a significant role to serve the faculty members, residents, research fellows, staff and students as a centre of learning. The library with its rich collection of printed as well as Electronic resources includes Journals/Books, theses, CDs/DVDs-journals, etc. With this vast collection of knowledge resources and the expertise of library professionals, library provides a platform for education, research and learning for the medical community in their intellectual pursuits to support patient care.
  11. Departmental Libraries Set up: The Central Library procures the books from its empanelled vendors after getting their requirements from all Departments/Specialties/Hospital Section and provides those books to them. The Central Library helps other Departments in maintaining their Departmental Library.
Value Added Services Some Value Added services in the library are being rendered to its users i.e. Reprography Service and Scanning. It also provides Internet and browsing service to all the readers on all working days.
  • Reprography Service: Library material can be photocopied on payment basis. The Library offers black & white and printing on A-4 size.
  • Scanning: Scanning services are available in the institute library on payment basis.
Innovation Going by the technological innovations, AIIA Library has introduced various new ideas keeping in mind the needs of the users with the aim of benefitting doctors and other medical professionals. The library keeps on working on projects or programs that enhance the information delivery to its end users providing them with easy access to information.
  • RFID: Recently the Library is in process of installing an RFID self-checkout system and RFID workstation and gates in the institute library at circulation and at entry as theft detection systems and 3M (RFID) detection system that helps ensure that no reader takes library material without being checked out.
  • CCTV:The library is under the Electronic surveillance.
  • Wi-Fi:The Institute library offers Free unlimited wifi for its members. One can log onto laptop, iPad or smart phone through the internet using Wi-Fi. Login Id and password is provided to all the scholars and faculty.
Institute Library Membership The Central Library, AIIA is in the process of acquiring the membership of the following institutions.
  • British Library: The library is planning to become a member of British library , so that the users may make use of the services rendered by the British library viz. Inter-library loan, access to e-resources, document delivery services and so on.
  • DELNET (Developing Library Network at New Delhi): DELNET membership of institute library is in process and in future will provide access to Full text-Medical articles that are not available in the library.
  • ERMED Consortia: The Central Library, AIIA is future will pursue the ERMED consortium and will provide its users with a versatile search platform to search the ERMED resources.  ERMED is Consortium of E-Journals resources developed by Director General of Health Services (DGHS) & Ministry of Health & Family welfare in collaboration with National Medical Library, Delhi. It is a nationwide electronic information consortium in the field of medicine for delivering effective health care for all.
Supporting Research The Institute Central Library is in process of installing various software like Turnitin for Plagiarism, SPSS software for statistical analysis, Grammarly checking software and spell checking software etc. that will aid for the Research writing & Scientific Writing purposes in future.

Last update on: 15th Mar 2023