Guidelines For Research - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi

Guidelines For Research

  • The CIO will ONLY support investigator initiated proposals
  • The CIO shall support studies with a core research on integrative approach towards cancer care.
  • The CIO will be a funding agency for conducting fellowship programs for selected candidates with project proposals in the field of integrative management of cancer
  • The CIO is a restricted area only for members of the CIO committee, project investigators, research staff, experts on the panel, other staff employed at CIO and the subjects under study proposals. The facility is NOT meant for cultural or leisure activities
  • All proposals will need to be cleared by the institutional ethics committee AIIA New DelhiAll proposals need to be submitted to the CIO will be placed before the CIO committee for screening research projects looking into its quality, methodology feasibility, safety and implication to health practice. Committee may invite another specialist depending upon the study focus if so required
  • The CIO committee reserves its decision on whether the proposal can be carried out in CIO and the decision shall be final
  • The CIO will look into the feasibility of the number of studies that can be carried out at one time.
  • The committee will thus decide on the number of studies that can be practically carried out at one time at CIO. The permission to start a study will thus be given accordingly
  • The trial manpower can also used for help in functioning of the CIO as and when required

Last update on: 15th Mar 2023