Academic/Research Block - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi

Academic/Research Block

Academic Bloack

The Academic block of the institute is a 7th floor building with ultra modern laboratories and department. Each department has a seminar hall, class room.

The institute has also proposed plan of setting a state of art Ayurveda museum in the academic block.

Administrative block

Ground floor

• Waiting area
• Reception
• Model display of the AIIA building project
• Accounts and admin section
• PRO office
• Conference hall
• Director’s office
• Joint Director’s office
• Dean PG & PhD Office
• Mini Auditorium

First floor
• Learning Resource Centre
• Dhanwantri Multipurpose hall
• Lecture Room 1
• Lecture Room 2

Second floor

Dept of Ras Shastra and Bhaishajyakalpana
Dept of Dravyaguna

Faculty and HoD cabins

• Editorial Office—International Journal of Ayurveda Research
• National PharmaCOvigilance Coordination Centre
• Ras Shastra lab
• Bhaishajyakalpana Lab
• Museum Dept of RSBK
• Seminar Rooms

Third Floor
Department of Sharir Kriya (Ay. Physiology)
Department of Roga Nidan and Vikriti Vigyan (Ay. Pathology)

Faculty and HoD cabins

• Seminar Rooms
• Herbarium Development Unit, Trans Ganga Plain Region
• Experimental Research Laboratory
• Simulation Lab
• Pharmacology Laboratory

Fourth Floor

Department of Kaumarbhritya
Department of Prasooti Tantra and Stri Roga
Faculty and HoD cabins
PHI Project Room, Department
Seminar Rooms
Nutritional Lab of Swasthyavritta Department
Ayurinformatics Laboratory
Pediatric Research Laboratory
Analytical Chemistry Lab
Pychochemistry Lab
Departmental Research Laboratory
Laboratories of Rare Raw Drug Repository
Microbiology Lab, RRDR (Trans Ganga Plain Region)
Pharmcognosy Lab, RRDR (Trans Ganga Plain Region)

Fifth floor

Department of Shalya Tantra, Department of Shalakya Tantra
Seminar Rooms
Faculty and HoD cabins
Ayush AACCC helpline office

Sixth floor

Department of Swasthyavritta,

Department of Kayachikitsa

Seminar rooms
Yoga and meditation room
Clinical Skill Development Lab
Centre for Integrative Oncology
Faculty and HoD cabins

Seventh floor

Department of Panchakarma 

Department of Samhita Siddhanta and Maulik Siddhanta

Office of Estate officer
Seminar rooms
DAKSHYA–Ayush Sub Skill Council
Faculty and HoD cabins
Office of distinguished officer S.H. Acharya
Museum of plant origin and raw drugs
Experimental research labs
Manuscript unit
Labaratory room
NAAC office
Museum of Herbarium Section

Last update on: 15th Mar 2023