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S. No. Name of the Author Name of the Journal ISSN No. Years of Publication
Dr. Meera K. Bhojani
1 Comparative clinical study on lekhana basti and tab. Atorvastatin in the management of dyslipidaemia world journal of pharmaceutical research 2277-7105 Vol.4, No. 01, p. 840 -847 jan 2015
2 Role of Virechana Karma in Dyslipidaemia  -A clinical study Journal of AYUSH; 2278 – 2214 Vol.4,Issue 2
3 Effect of Triphaladi  Virechana Karma with Arjuna-Punarnavadi Ghanavati, in the management of Essential Hypertension IAMJ International Ayurvedic medical journal, 2320 5091 Aug. 2015
4 Clinical study to evaluate the role of  Virechana Karma in management of Dyslipidaemia. Journal of Indian System of Medicine 2320-4419 Vol. 3, issue 2
5 Effect of Triphaladi Kala Basti  Karma in the management of Essential Hypertension; AYU Print ISSN – 0974-8520, E-ISSN – 0976-9382 2018 Oct-Dec; 39(4): 250–255
6 Effect of Virechana Karma , Brimhana – Sneha and Amritadi Ghana Vati in the management of Post-menopausal syndrome ( Rajo nivrittijanya Lakshana) WJPR World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ISSN 2277– 7105 Volume 6, Issue 03, 1321-1336
7 Efficacy of Vamana Karma in the management of Yuvanapidaka W. S. R. to Acne Vulgaris- A pilot study Journal of AYUSH E ISSN: 2278-2214 ISSN: 2321–6484 Vol 5, issue 3, 2016
8 A clinical review on management of Hypothyroidism as Bahudoshavastha (excessive vitiated Dosha) through Panchakarma Journal of Indian System of Medicine 2320-4419 Vol. 5 (1), Jan- March 2017
9 Effect of Brimhana Sneha and Rasayan ghanvati in the management of post-menopausal syndrome Journal of Indian System of Medicine 2320-4419 Vol. 5 (1), Jan- March 2017
10 Effect of  Virechana Karma in the management of Essential  Hypertension, Journal of Ayurveda, NIA, Jaipur 2321-0435 Jan- March 2018
11 Effect of Kati Basti and Shamana Aushadhi in the management of Grdhrasi (sciatica)- A comparative clinical study, Aryavaidhyan 9704086 Vol XXVIII, Feb-Ap 2015
12 Effect of Lekhana Basti in the management of Dyslipidaemia: A clinical study Int. Jour. Of Ayu. Pharma Res. ISSN: 2322-0902 (Print) ISSN: 2322-0910 (Online) 2014;2(7):18-21
13 Significance of Sara Pariksha in Ayurveda: A critical review Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy ISSN: 2395-6682 (Online) Volume 5, Issue 3; 2018, 2395-6682
14 Viruddhahara- A formidable instigator of metabolic disorders Pharma science monitor, 0976-7908 2019, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p131-140.
15 Modern techniques for the assessment of Asthi Sarata IJAPC 2350-0204 Vol. 11, issue 2, July- Sept 2019, 2350-0204
16 Understanding the concept of Bala from Ayurveda perspective Pharma science monitor 0976-7908 July- Sept 2019
17 Concept of Janmakala in Ayurveda and its relation with health IJAPC 2350-0204 Vol. 11, issue 2, July- Sept 2019
18 Effect of Rasayan for longevity with special reference to Guduchi and Amalaki Pharma Science Monitor 0976-7908 10(4), Oct-Dec 2019
19 Concept of beauty in Ayurveda and its practical applicability in Present era International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences and Technology e-ISSN: 2455-5134, p-ISSN: 2455-9059 2019, Vol. No. 8, Jul-Dec
20 A conceptual study On Swabhavoparam Vada in context to Nidana Parivarjana With special reference To its mechanism Useful in Madhumeha (type 2 diabetes Mellitus) International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research 2322 – 0910 Vol. 8, Issue 4, April 2020
21 Sandhya Avacharaan W.s.t. to evening time : Tool to achieve Longevity Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences 2456-3110 Jan-Feb 2020
22 A study on ojas and Ojakshaya in Etiopathogenesis of Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus) International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research 2322 – 0910 Vol. 8, Issue 6, June 2020
23 Sleep urge – pivotal Component of life Int J Ayu Pharm Chem e-ISSN 2350-0204 2019 Vol. 11 Issue 3
24 Effect of practicing ‘International Yoga Day Protocol’ as a Stress Mitigation Strategy during COVID-19 pandemic in PG Scholars by applying DASS-21 – An Exploratory Single Arm Study YOGA FOR MIND, BODY AND WELLNESS E-book of Yoga Article, 2020 published on the occasion of 6th International Yoga Day by AIIA.
Dr. Shekhar Uike
1 Concept of Agni and Ama in Ayurveda-A Brief Review AYUSHDHARA 2393- 9583(P) 2393- 9591(O) Sept-Oct2017/ Vol 4/ Issue 5
2 A Brief Review on current Scenario of Antihypertensive ayurvedic Drugs International Journal of ayurveda and Pharma Research 2322- 0902(P) 2322- 0910(O) Dec- 2017/Vol5/Issue12
3 Study of individual’s Prakriti and Gene polymorphism correlation of P2Y12 gene. AYUSHDHARA 2393- 9583(P) 2393- 9591(O) Sept-Oct2018/ Vol5/Issue 5
4 Importance of investigating blood viscosity in different prakruti persons with special reference to prehypertensive condition. International Ayurvedic Medical Journal 2320 5091 February 2019/Volume7/Issue2

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