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S. No. Name of the Author Name of the Journal ISSN No. Years of Publication
1.        Concept of Agni and Ama in Ayurveda-A Brief Review AYUSHDHARA 2393-9583(P)/2393-9591(O) Sept-Oct2017/ Vol 4/ Issue 5
2.        A Brief Review on current Scenario of Antihypertensive ayurvedic Drugs International Journal of ayurveda and Pharma Research 2322-0902(P)/2322-0910(O) Dec-2017/Vol5/Issue12
3.        Study of individual’s Prakriti and Gene polymorphism correlation of P2Y12 gene. AYUSHDHARA 2393-9583(P)/2393-9591(O) Sept-Oct2018/ Vol5/Issue 5
4.        Importance of investigating blood viscosity in different prakruti persons with special reference to prehypertensive condition. International Ayurvedic Medical Journal 2320 5091 Impact factor: 4.018 February 2019/Volume7/Issue-2
5.        Practical application of Langhana therapy in the management of dyslipidaemia: A case report Journal of Ayurveda Case Reports –   Volume 4, Issue 3, July-September 2021
6.        “Surviving the storm through the shelter of Ayurveda” – International webinar on integrated approach to combat COVID19 – A conference report Indian Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine,   November 2021.
7.        Effect of practicing ‘International Yoga Day Protocol’ as a Stress Mitigation Strategy duringCOVID-19 pandemic in PG Scholars by applying DASS-21- An Exploratory Single Arm Study Yoga for Mind, Body and Wellness; E-book of Yoga Articles    
8.        “sadvritta: a prime approach towards deterrence of life style disorders” Veda vipasha   Volume 8, 2021
9.        “Evidence Based Review On Cannabis Sativa: Miracle Herb Of Ayurveda” Chapter in a Book „Recent advances in Ayurveda and drug development” published by North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine, ministry of ayush    
10.    Ahara (Food) in Mental health promotion in COVID and after COVID Conference book „International Conference on Ayurvedic Architecture for the planning of Mental health dring COVID-19“    
11.    Monograph on Kaarya Kaarana Siddhanta Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
12.    Monograph on Deha prakriti Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
13.    Monograph on Manas prakriti Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
14.    Monograph on Pramana Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
15.    Monograph on Pratyaksha pramana Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
16.    Monograph on Anumana pramana Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
17.    Monograph on Aaptopadesha pramana Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
18.    Monograph on Yukti pramana Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
19.    Monograph on Samanya Vishesha Theory Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
20.    Monograph on Karma Charaka Samhita Online Edition    
21.    Prakriti the phenome in new control group for medical research Aryavaidyan Journal, AVS    
22.    Prakriti Analysis of COVID 19 Patients: An Observational Study Alternative therapies  in health and medicine    
23.    Prakriti the phenome in new control group for medical research Ayurvaidayan    
24.    Case Study: A Patient with uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Carbuncle in thigh whose Diabetes is managed by Ayurvedic intervention STM Journal    
25.    Contributing Author of two chapters – Book – Shareeram for Ayurvedic Paramedical Students    
26.    Proportionate use of wheat in dietary plan and significance of aahaara vidhi in relation to balance agni IJRAR.ORG International Journla of research and Analatical reviews E-ISSN. 2348-1269 P- ISSN.2349-5138 Vol -.9 Issue 2 2022 April

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