RajBhasa - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi


All India Institute of Ayurveda continued its thrust on implementation of Official Language policy of Govt. of India. Continuous efforts were made for propagation of Hindi & fulfillment of various obligations under the policy in the year 2017-18. An Official Language Implementation Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Director in the Institute and during the year in every quarter a meeting of the committee was organized with heads of all the Departments to review the status of progressive use of Hindi in the Institute. Hindi was used as a primary mode of communication most of the seminars/meetings organized in the Institute.  Organized Hindi Pakhwada from 14.09.2017 to 29.09.2017 during which various Hindi programs & Hindi competitions were organized. In order to bring awareness amongst the employees of various departments, Hindi workshops were organized on quarterly basis during the year. As per the decision taken, more than 75% of Medical Prescriptions by the Doctors were written in Hindi during the year.

Last update on: 6th Jan 2023