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Quality Control Lab

Quality Control Lab

All India Institute of Ayurveda is a premier institute under the aegis of Ministry of AYUSH and has a national status. As such the institute is taking long strides towards achieving excellence in every aspect of Ayurvedic field be it clinical, research or academic. With the tremendous increase in the global use of Ayurvedic medicines, several concerns regarding their efficacy and safety have also been raised. Hence it has become necessary to standardize the efficacy and safety measures so as to ensure supply good quality medicine. Taking in account the recent maligned response to Ayurvedic medicines, quality control has become a prerequisite.
All India Institute of Ayurveda has planned a Pharmacy Unit in its campus to dispense quality medicines to patients attending its IPD and OPD units. As such, to assess that quality and thus the safety aspect of Ayurvedic medicines, Quality control lab will play a vital role.
Further, in future, this quality control lab with all its constituent units having state of the art facilities will also serve as a focal centre for facilitating analytical assistance to Ayurvedic researchers all over India.
Presently, the place allotted for Quality control lab is situated on second floor of academic building. Two rooms are allotted for the lab. These rooms are equipped with preliminary QC instruments and equipments viz.:

1 List of lab instruments & equipments:

a. DT apparatus
b. Digital oven
c. Microwave
d. Electric Muffle furnace
e. Soxhlet apparatus
f. Distillates apparatus
g. Water bath
h. Magnetic stirrers

i. Hot plates
j. Heating mantles
k. pH meters
l. Friability testing apparatus
m. Tablet hardness tester
n. Verniers Caliper
o. Bulk density testing apparatus
p. Thermometers

q. Pycnometer
r. KF Titre
s. Melting point determination apparatus
t. Volatile oil determination apparatus
u. Laboratory glass wares viz. beakers, flasks, funnel, test tubes, measuring cylinders etc.
v. Micropipette of different channel and variable volume.
w. Laboratory reagents, chemicals and solutions

2. List of sophisticated instruments:

  1. TLC kit
  2. HPTLC System
  3. HPLC system
  4. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  5. Antioxidant Analyzer

Various QC experiments are being conducted in the lab along with preliminary QC tests for thesis drug of institutional research projects

3- List of tests being conducted

  1. pH
  2. specific gravity
  3. Loss on drying
  4. Ash value
  5. Acid insoluble ash/Water soluble ash

  1. Extractive values (alcohol/water etc.)
  2. Tablet Hardness
  3. Tablet friability
  4. Tablet disintegration time
  5. Weight variation

  1. Hydro-alcoholic extracts preparation
  2. TLC
  3. HPLC of various formulations / single drugs
  4. HPTLC of various formulations / single drugs
  5. Phytochemical analysis of various formulations / single drugs

The department has also conducted HPLC, HPTLC training workshops to sensitize departmental scholars in these advanced analytical techniques

Last update on: 7th Aug 2021