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Completed research projects

Number of research projects/clinical trials funded by government, industries and non-governmental agencies during the last five years (Completed)

Year Name of the Principal Investigator Title of the project Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/ Non-Government) Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Funds provided (INR in Lakhs) Duration of the project
2020-21 PI – Prof. TanujaNesari , Co-PIs: all AIIA faculties Evaluation   of   the immuno-stimulatory potential   of Ayurveda management protocol   in  cohort of   Delhi   police   -An   exploratory clinical study” AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 452.03 1
2020-21 Prof   Tanuja Nesari Prophylaxis with Neem   Capsules(Azardirachta Indica  A.   Juss)   in Subjects coming in Contact   with   of COVID-19 Patients. Nisarga Biotech Pvt. Tech. NON GOVERNMENT AIIA 2021 34.378 1
2019-20 PI:  Dr.   Shivani GhildiyalCo-Pis : Dr. Pramod Yadav Dr. Shalini RaiDr. Rahul SherkhaneDr. Arun Kumar Mahapatra National   Campaign   on Amruta   for   Life (Tinospora cordifolia) NMPB,Ministry of AYUSH GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 18.9 1
S.NO. Name Of Project PI Sponsring Agency

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