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Panchakarma therapy

Panchakarma Facilities

All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), has one of its kind largest set up of Panchakarma facilities in India. Vast and fully equipped Panchakarma Theatres spread across the institute covering all the five floors of hospital block.

There are special set ups for treatment procedures done on daily basis for out-patients and separate ones for in-patients. Every ward is designed with easy and nearby access to Panchakarma Theatres. Standard level of hygiene and quality of treatment is assured throughout the therapies along with the special care and specific food (pathya ) to be provided during the treatment. Separate set up of treatment areas for VIP patients are also a specialty of Panchakarma over here.

Suite rooms cater the needs of the individual who demands customized personal care, where the Panchakarma procedures are also performed at the specific rooms where they are admitted which is fully equipped. Panchakarma facility is also available in super speciality areas like – Pediatric panchakarma, Gynaecology Panchakarma, KriyaKalpa (procedures for Eye and ENT disorders) Well trained, experienced and well behaved therapists conduct the procedures under the direct supervision and directions of specialist Panchakarma Doctors.

Fully automated equipments and most advanced technology keeping intact the age old principles of Vedic science are the uniqueness of country’s premier institute of Panchakarma

Guidelines for Panchakarma Patients

Panchakarma will be done in the presence of one attendant of same sex

Patient has to arrange oils and medication which are advised by doctor for Panchakarma procedure

Patient should not expose to cold wind or directly lay down under the fan which is contraindicated.

Patient should bathe in warm water and drink only clean warm water.

Patient should strictly follow the diet advised by Panchakarma doctor

Last update on: 7th Aug 2021