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Shalakya Tantra is the branch of an Ayurveda which deals with diagnosis and management of diseases occurring above the clavicle. Viz. Diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat, head and neck. Since this specialty deals with narrow and delicate parts of body, it requires various specialized instruments for diagnosis and treatment. The Shalakya specialty is considered as surgical school and department is committed to provide the best possible care to patients who require Medical, Surgical & para-surgical services at tertiary level. The department is also imparting quality education at PG level by blending the knowledge of inter-disciplinary understandings i.e. integration of modern sciences and patient-oriented research with involvement in public care.


  1. To encourage the young minds to reach their full potential in the area of Shalakya Tantra 
  2. To emphasize quality and value based education to obtain optimum skill in the field of Shalkya Tantra.
  3. To endeavor in education system by adopting modern tools to come up a problem oriented discoveries and solutions.


  1. To provide best possible patient care with utmost competence in the areas of medical, surgical and para-surgical management, focusing on Ophthalmic, ENT and Oro dental care.
  2. To provide state of art educational programmes at PG, Ph.D. level as well as knowledge dissemination programme for faculty & practitioners
  3. To establish the Ayurvedic approach to allergic, degenerative, diabetic, hypertensive and endocrine, digital media-oriented disorders related to Eye and ENT including care of oral hygiene with management of Oro–dental disorders etc.


  • To provide comprehensive teaching and research training at PG, PhD level by using advanced learning and investigative tools to produce a competitive, competent and confident practitioner in the field of Shalakya Tantra
  • To provide excellent patient care service by using evidence-based practice of medical, surgical and para-surgical management, focusing on Ophthalmic, ENT and Oro dental care.

Last update on: 6th May 2021