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Shareera kriya (Ayurveda Physiology) is the key subject in study of medical sciences. This subject provides the ground base knowledge of body, mind & senses functions and dysfunctions which helps in critical understanding of disease process and insight to disease management and prevention. Physiology is the core of medical wisdom. Its enormous contribution is responsible for the growth of medical technology and clinical management. The Department of Shareera kriya (Ayurveda Physiology) is initiated form April, 2020. This Department deals with the basic concepts, knowledge and applicability of Tridosha (Trifold functional entities – Vata, Pitta and Kapha), Sapta Dhatus (Tissues), Malas (Excretory wastes), Prakriti (concept of Genetics), Mana (Mind, cognition, memory etc), Nidra (Physiology of sleep), Oja (Physiology of Immunity) etc. The etio-pathogenesis of disease cannot be explained unless Dosha-dhatu-malas is assessed subjectively & objectively. This subject therefore is the base for proper understanding of Ayurveda and is of great importance for a medical student to understand all other para clinical and clinical subjects.

Vision: To be committed to endeavour excellence in Kriya Sharira education as well as outstanding research, to obtain optimum level of knowledge of concepts & practical applicability of Shareera kriya

Mission: To bring about innovation in modern medical education, development of economical simple user-friendly handy instruments based on modern technology and cutting edge research in better understanding of various body functions in terms of Ayurveda Kriya Sharira.


  • To prepare the post-graduates and specialists for evidence-based understanding of Ayurveda principles of Kriya Sharira by bringing about innovation and excellence in Teaching and Research
  • To develop objective parameters of the entities related Kriya Sharira viz. Tridosha, Sapta Dhatus, malas, Agni, Srotas etc based on modern technology and cutting edge research in better understanding of various body functions.
  • To supplement to patient care in association with clinical departments and interdisciplinary collaborative research by developing the Departmental Labs – Teaching & fundamental Research.
  • To develop various Research labs from Ayurveda view point. Following Labs  for the above purpose are envisioned: –
  • Autonomic function lab
  • Pain lab
  • Cognitive & stress physiology lab
  • Emotion and affective lab
  • Sleep lab
  • Yoga Research Lab
  • Mind Body Medicine & Enriched environment setup
  • Environment lab
  • Reproductive physiology lab
  • Signal acquisition, analysis & Instrument development lab
  • Genetic Lab
  • Zebra fish Lab

The above Research projects will be carried out in coordination with other disciplines of this institute as well as in collaboration with other premier institutes of India and abroad.

Last update on: 6th May 2021