Awards and Honours - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi
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Awards and Honours

  1. Dr. R.K Yadava- Ayurveda Shodha Vibhuti by AIASPGA -2014,  Ayurveda Martand by AIASPGA -2015,  As a leader In strengthening Kayachikitsa -2018,  Atreya Award by AIASPGA -2019,  Ayurveda Martand by AIASPGA- 2019,  Award Of Excellence by AIASPGA-2019
  2. Dr. V.G. Huddar– Gomantak Goa National Award- 2016
  3. Dr. Divya Kajaria- Young Scientist Award 2016 by CCRAS
  4. Dr Raja Ram Mahto – Bhaisajya Education & Research

Last update on: 27th Nov 2020