About LRC - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi

About LRC

The Learning Resource Centre/Central Library plays a significant role to serve the faculty members, residents, research fellows, staff and students. It creates an inviting, comfortable & modern environment conducive to study, research, and the exploration of new information and dissemination of knowledge. It remains open for all working days except Sundays and national holidays to serve readers with its rich collection of Books, Current Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Theses, Videocassettes and CD-ROMs. It is computerized and various sections includes Circulation Section, Periodical Section, Reference Book section and Digital Section. The Institute Library is equipped with 3M (RFID) detection system and is under electronic Surveillance and CCTV coverage that helps ensure no reader takes library material without being checked out. The important component of the library is its uninterrupted power supply for the convenience of its valued readers by installing the DG Set. The Library is in process of installing RFID Self-Checkout System. The distinctive feature of the library is Open Access System.

Last update on: 15th Mar 2023