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Ongoing research projects

Number of research projects/clinical trials funded by government, industries and non-governmental agencies during the last five years
Year Name of the Principal Investigator Title of the project Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/ Non-Government) Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Funds provided (INR in Lakhs) Duration of the project
2021-22 Dr Medha KulKarni (PI), Dr Meena Shamrao Deogade Promotion of knowledge, attitude and practices and mental health status (anxiety, stress, depression) among police personals through ayurvedic intervention)-Stress management by Ayurveda Ministry of Ayush GOVERNMENT Department of Swasthavritta 2021 149.7 3
2021-22 PI: Prof. Tanuja M. Nesari, Co-PIs: Dr. Anand More, Dr. Rajagopala S, Dr. Shalini Rai Dr. Sandeep Singh Tiwari A study of Ashwagandha administration in participants vaccinated against COVID-19 on safety, immunogenicity, and protection: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-centric clinical trial CCRAS GOVERNMENT AIIA 2021 42.48 1
2021-22 Dr Anandaraman P V An open label single arm clinical study to evaluate the effect of vamana karma and virechana karma in the management of psoriasis and it’s impact on immunological and inflammatory biomarkers AIIA GOVERNMENT Panchakarma 2021 20.13 1
2021-22 Dr Divya Kajaria Assessing the efficacy ( anti microbial and anti viral activity) of distilled solution of ayurvedic compound as hand sanitizer and whole body spray an experimental prospective study AIIA GOVERNMENT Kayachikitsa 2021 10 1
2021-22 Dr Divya Kajaria Evaluating clinical efficacy of virechana and rasayan therapy ( go mutra haritaki) in the management of coronary  artery diseases( hrudroga)_ A randomized cohort clinical study. AIIA GOVERNMENT Kayachikitsa 2021 10.1 1
2021-22 Dr Manjusha Rajagopala Pharmacological evaluation of anti cataract potential of amalaki rasayana and nirgundi Patra arka eye drops. AIIA GOVERNMENT Shalakyathantra 2021 7.1 1
2021-22 Dr. Richa Tripathi Evaluation of chemo-preventive efficacy and the role of wirhaferin A in regulating notch signalling in breast cancer AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2021 10 1
2021-22 Dr. Shalini Rai A preclinical comparative study on the microbiological , biochemical, histopathological and immunohisto chemical characteristics of deep second degree burn wounds treated with local application of an ayurveda formulation patola taila AIIA GOVERNMENT Roganidana 2021 5.7 1
2021-22 Dr. Anand More Study on the assessment of ama status and it’s correlation with advanced glycation end products and lipid peroxidation in patients of sandhigata vata AIIA GOVERNMENT Roganidana 2021 4.3 1
2021-22 Dr. Sujatha Kadam Community based cross sectional retrospective study to evaluate PCOS w.s.r to ayurvedic etiological parameters ( Avruta vata artavdushti) AIIA GOVERNMENT Streeroga and Prasuti tantra 2021 7.95 1
2021-22 Dr. Anil Kumar Study to assess the impact of Covid appropriate cum Ayurveda appropriate behavior on incidence of Infection: A Prospective cohort based approach. AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2021 9.5 1
2021-22 Dr. Galib Deciphering cellular mechanisms for targeting mitichondria in alzheimers diseases and elucidating the nuerotheraupuetic effect of yashada bhasma(calcined zinc) AIIA GOVERNMENT Dept. of RSBK 2021 12.14 1
2021-22 Dr. Meera Bhojani Study of applied aspect of raktasara and its assessment parameters AIIA GOVERNMENT Kriyasharir 2021 5 1
2021-22 Dr. Meera Bhojani A descriptive study to develop and validate a tool for the assessment of sara pareeksha AIIA GOVERNMENT Kriyasharir 2021 5 1
2021-22 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Prajapathi In-vitro and In-vivo safety studies of selected rasaushadhies(Mecurio-arsenical formulations) – shwasakutara Rasa and Sameerapannaga Rasa AIIA GOVERNMENT Dept. of RSBK 2021 9.98 1
2020-21 Prof.Sujata Kadam, Dr. Meenakshi Pandey Design and development of Hand held Dhoopan Yantra IIT,Delhi Government Streeroga and Prasuti tantra 2020 20 2
2020-21 Prof. Tanuja Nesari , Ms. Jyoti Arora Modulation of gene expression of taste receptors and secretion of gut hormone after stimulation by different rasas(taste) of food using the enteroendocrine cell line model IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 20 2
2020-21 Prof. Tanuja Nesari Ms. Jyoti Arora The repurposing of herbal formulations and bio actives against 4-hydroxy-trans-2-non-enal(HNE) generation in repeatedly heated food(oils) for the abatement of lifestyle related disorders IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 20 2
2020-21 PI:  Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta, Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr. Rahul Sherkhane, Co-PIs Dr.   Samrat Mukhopadhy, Dr. Pramod Yadav, Dr. Shalini Rai Development   of   Pectin Based   Biocomposites   of Herb   Gojihva  (Launea Nudicaulis   Linn.)   for Wound   Dressing   &   its Clinical   Evaluation   on Chronic   Wounds:   An Exploratory   Study (IIT-Delhi) IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 20 2
2020-21 Dr Medha KulKarni (PI), Dr Shivakumar Harti(Co-I), Dr.Deepak Joshi, Mr Ashish Mishra Investigating Neural corelates of humming bee sound during the bhramari pranayam. IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 20 2
2020-21 PI: Dr.Pramod Yadav, Co-PI: Dr. Ashok Kumar Patel Prof. P.K. Prajapati, Dr.V.G.Huddar Development of for early diagnosis of cancer and assessment of Ayurvedic drug response in cancer -An Exploratory Study IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT RSBK 2020 20 2
2020-21 PI: Dr. Shashank Deep Co PI: Dr. Galib Analysis of Bhasma and their toxic inhibitor effect on the ALS( Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis)- related SOD-1 and Parkinson related alfa 1- syn nuclein aggregation IIT,Delhi and AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 20 2
2020-21 PI: Prof. Anand B.More, Co-PI: Dr.Divya Kajaria Dr.Raju Singh Dr.Sarita Kumari Ashwagandha   for the   prophylaxis against  SARS-COV-2 infection: a randomized hydroxyl chloroquine controlled   clinical trial   in   health   care providers   (Study Code:   Ayush-CSIR-HCP-01) CADILA Pharmaceuticals NON GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 9.56336 1
2020-21 Prof. Tanuja Nesari, Co-PI-Dr.Prashant, Dr.Divya Kajaria, Dr V G Huddar Study   the physiological   basis and gut   bacterial modulations induced   by Virechana (Purgation   therapy) in  Healthy  adults: A   prospective longitudinal study CCRAS GOVERNMENT AIIA -CCRAS project 2020 47.578 3
2020-21 Dr. Tanuja Manoj Nesari(PI), Dr. Bhupesh Sharma CO PIs:Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal Dr. Pramod Yadav, Establishment   of Pharmacological   bases of   Saraswat   Ghrita   for benefits   in   Cognitive Diseases AIIA GOVERNMENT AIIA 2021 9.93 1
2020-21 Dr. Galib Assessment of genotoxicity of rasamanikya-ayurveda arsenical formulation AIIA GOVERNMENT Rasasatra and Bhaishajya Kalpana 2021 5.77 1
2020-21 Dr.(Prof.) Manjusha Rajagopala prevalence of Computer vision syndrome among IT professionals working in south delhi- A survey study AIIA Government Shalakyathantra 2021 0.5 1
2020-21 Dr.(Prof.) Manjusha Rajagopala Clinical study and genitic analysis of Glaucoma individuals classified by doshaja prakriti- an open labelled double arm randomized controlled trial. AIIA GOVERNMENT Shalakyathantra 2021 10 1
2020-21 Dr. Shalini Rai, Dr.Pramod   Yadav Dr.   Shivani Ghildiyal Dr.Richa Tripathi A study to evaluate the   Anti-bacterial Effects   of   some Ayurvedic   herbs and   Herbo mineral preparations AIIA GOVERNMENT Dept. of RSBK 2021 10 1
2020-21 PI: Prof. Tanuja NesariCo-PIs: Dr. Shalini RaiDr. Rahul SherkhaneDr. Pramod Yadav,Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr.Bhargav Bhide Community based   Ayurveda Intervention   for Promotion   of   physical and   mental   health   in elderly population of Faridabad district, Haryana State Ministry of Ayush GOVERNMENT Dravya Guna 2021 149.7 3
2020-21 Dr Tanuja Nesari, Dr Shivakumar Harti Development of digital training Infrastructure under web-based component to establish on Online learning mabnagement system “Ayurvidya” Ministry of Ayush Government AIIA 2021 315 3
2019-20 Dr   V.   G Huddar, Dr. Deepa Makhija Validation and Reliability   Testing of Ayurveda Diagnostic Methods CCRAS GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 17.76 3
2019-20 PI: Prof. Tanuja Nesari Co-PIs: Dr. Galib,Dr. Meena Deogade, Dr. Pramod Yadav,Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, Dr.Bhargav Bhide Development   of   RRDR for   Trans   Ganga   Plain Region NMPB,Ministry of AYUSH GOVERNMENT AIIA 2020 500 5
2019-20 PI: Prof. Manjusha Dr.Rajagopala Dr. Narayan Bavalatti Promotion of knowledge, attitude and practices and oral health status among school children through Ayurvedic Intervention. AIIA GOVERNMENT Dept. of Shalakya 2020 150 3
2019-20 Dr.Tanuja Manoj Nesari(Chief PI), DR. R K Yadav (PI) Management of musculo skeletal pain through ayurvedic Intervention Ministry of Ayush GOVERNMENT Dept. of Kaya Chikitsa 2020 149.7 3
2018-19 Prof.Sujata Kadam, Dr. Meenakshi Pandey Ayurveda Care for Healthy Progeny Ministry of Ayush Government Streeroga and Prasuti tantra 2019 149.7 3
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