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Name of Project with Title Status Name of PI and CO- PI   Funding Institute /Agency
Completed Ongoing
A clinical study and genetic analysis of Glaucoma individuals classified by Doshaja Prakruti – An open labelled double arm randomised clinical trial Completed the CTRI registration    PI: Prof. Manjusha Rajagopala Co- PI: Dr Mitali Mukharjee Dr Bhawna Parashar IMR fund AIIA
Prevalence of Computer vision Syndrome among Information Technology Professionals working in South Delhi: A Survey Study   IEC and SAC Approval obtained & work under process PI: Prof. Manjusha Rajagopala and Dr. Narayan Bavalatti Research Scholars: Dr. Akanksha Thakur Dr. Deenadayal Devarajan IMR fund AIIA
To Study the Role of Etiological factors of Mukha Roga as per Ayurvedic Text with special reference to Oral Ulcers: A Survey   IEC and SAC Approval obtained, CTRI registration done PI: Prof. Manjusha Rajagopala and Dr Narayan Bavalatti Research Scholars: Dr Shelly Tyagi IMR fund AIIA
Promotion of Knowledge, attitude, practices & oral health status of Children through Ayurvedic intervention   CTRI registration done, work is under process PI: Prof. Manjusha Rajagopala and Dr. Ashish Kumar PHI
Pharmacological evaluation of anticataract potential pf amalaki rasayana  & Nilgundi patra arka eye drops     PI: Prof. Manjusha Rajagopala   IMR

Last update on: 25th Aug 2022