Institute Hospital - All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi

Institute Hospital

All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), New Delhi is an autonomous institute under the auspices of Ministry of AYUSH is dedicated exclusively for the purpose of research in field of Ayurveda. All India Institute of Ayurveda was developed with the vision to be an outstanding center of excellence for Ayurveda tertiary health care and set highest standard of education, research and patient care through Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity. With an aim to facilitate quality research aimed at bridging gaps in the scientific information about quality, safety and efficacy of Ayurveda products and developing benchmarks of Ayurvedic education, research and healthcare for other institution to follow, AIIA has been actively working in this direction. It was also planned to have state of the art facilities for amalgamation of traditional wisdom with contemporary science and resources at par with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). At present, it has a 200 bed referral hospital for facilitating clinical research. The Institute already has 12 clinics with 8 inter-disciplinary research laboratories along with Panchakarma facilities. And gradually OPD patient numbers are increases and at present on an average daily OPD patient enrolled is 1500 approximately. Hon’ble Prime Minister had been inaugurated AIIA an autonomous institute on 17th October 2017 with the inclination towards promotion and propagation of quality standard of Ayurveda medicine.

Hospital Block- A

Ground Floor

1.Reception/Billing / Registration

2. SBI (bank)

3.Post- Operative room (Currently functioning as Screening OPD)

4.Emergency Room

5.Flu OPD

6.Radiology Services

– Reception (radiology)


– X-Ray


– CT scan


– AIIA Pharmacy (dispensing unit for free distribution of medicine)

– IMPCL Pharmacy (sale counter)

– Oushadhi Pharmacy (sale counter)

1st Floor

8.Reception (LAB) and sample collection area





Blood Bank

2nd Floor

10.Operation Theater Block


12.Labor Room


3rd Floor

14.Single occupancy room -17

15.Double occupancy room-5

16.Tripple occupancy Room – 01

17.Procedure room – 02

4th Floor

18.Single c room -17

19.Double occupancy room-5

20.Tripple occupancy room – 01

21.Procedure room – 02

5th floor

22.VVIP Suite Room – 6

23.VIP Single Occupancy ROOM – 5

  1. VIP Double occupancy room – 4
  2. Panchakarma Therapy Room – 3

Hospital Block- B

Ground Floor

1.OPD Registration

2.OPDs (07)


Neurological Disorders

Cancer Care Unit and other integrated OPDs of AYUSH

Panchakarma Clinic

Diabetic & Metabolic disorder



Ist floor

4.Hospital Administration Wing

5.Shalakya OPD

Karna Nasa Gala Roga Vibhag (ENT) – (Room no.101, 102 & 103)

Netra Vibhag (EYE OPD) – (Room no.110)

6.Dental OPD -(Room no.108)

7.Dental X-ray – (Room no.109)

8.Shalya General OPD- (Room no.104)

9.AnoRectal Clinic – (Room no. 105)

10.Ksharsutra Room – (Room no.106)

11.Panchakarma Therapy Room- 2 (male & Female)

12.Physical Medicine Unit

13.Menopause Awareness Clinic

14.Swasthavritta Life Style Clinic

2nd Floor

  1. Striroga and Prasutitantra (Obstetrics and gynecology)-3

Infertility Clinic

ANC Clinic

Gynecology OPD

16.Neuro Developmental Clinic

17.Kumarabhrithya (Pediatrics)

18.Kumarabhrithya – Respiratory & Allergic Clinic

19.Immunisation room

20.VIP Panchakarma (Male & Female)

21.Pediatric Panchakarma


23.Gynecology Ward

24.Pediatric ward (Male & Female)

3rd floor

25.General ward (6 Bed Occupancy Room) -4

26.Kriyakalpa Room- 1

27.Panchakarma Therapy Room – 1

4th floor

28.General ward (6 Bed Occupancy Room) -4

29.4 Bed Occupancy Room- 1

30.Panchakarma Therapy Room – 1

Last update on: 16th Jan 2023