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Chapters in Books:     

Stress in the etiopathogenesis of Psychosomatic disorders, 124-134, First edition 2016. Current trends in Psyhosomatic medicine. 978-81-909935-1-7 No of Co-authors – 02
Concept of Pain and its classification in Ayurveda: A critical Analysis, pp. 39-47 Pain Management through Ayurveda No of Co-authors – 00
Understanding Avarana with Special Reference to its Clinical Diagnosis in Patients Shalini Rai 67-80 Role of Basic Sciences in Translational Researchin Ayurvedic Medicine ISBN: 978-81-926935-7-6 Year – 2017   No of Co-authors – 00

Research Publications in Journals –

  1. A review on role of psychological factors in the etiopathogenesis of Pandu Roga with reference to iron deficiency anemia, Rai Shalini, Kar Anukul Chanda, Year : 2016, Volume:  37, Issue Number: 1, Page: 18-21.
  2. Yoga: A potential tool for curbing neurological disorders, Varnika Singh, Vd Shalini Rai, Vijay Kumar Rai,  International Journal of Green Pharmacy , Vol 11,  Special Issue 2018, 226 – 230
  3. Non-communicable diseases: A review on the current role and future prospects of yoga. Vijay Kumar Rai, Shalini Rai, International Journal of Green Pharmacy • Vol 11 • Special Issue 2018 | 238 – 242.
  4. Study of Hematological Parameters in Patients of Different Subtypes of  Panduroga. Shalini Rai, Madhukar Rai, Vineetha Gupta, Vijai Tilak, AC Kar. Journal of Advanced Research in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidhha & Homeopathy. Volume 5, Issue 3 – 2018, Pg. No. 6-12

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