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The Department of Swasthavritta is actively involved in conducting community-based health research through partnership with various government and non-government agencies.

Sr.No Title Agency Period Grant / Amount Mobilized (in Lakh) Role
1 Development and Validation of Prakriti Assessment questionnaire Central Council of Research in Ayurveda Sciences 2016-17 5,86,000/- Dr Shivakumar Harti as Co-Investigator

Ongoing Post Graduate Research Projects

  1. Dr.Mukta, Development and validation of Nutritional Assessment Scale in Ayurveda (NASA)
  2. Dr. Prajna Paramita Panda ,Effect of Ritu Haritaki on Sharir Bala
  3. Dr.Sapna, Effect of Prakriti  specific herbal tea (phanta) on diabetes mellitus
  4. Monika- Study on Ajasrika Rasayan with special reference to Milk and Ghee and its effect on Sharira Bala: A survey study
  5. Dr.Suman Gihar- Role of vegadharana( suppression of natural urges) of vata ,mutra ,purisha in urinary disorders: A case control survey study
  6. Dr.Preeti Tomar- Development and validation of Guna based Prakriti Analysis Algorithm Tool

Last update on: 8th Apr 2019